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Is your passion helping others to live their best lives? 

My name is Kari Watterson. I help professionals in the personal development and health & wellness space create motivational content for their blogs. 

Whether you’re a motivational speaker, life or business coach, personal development podcast host, mental health advocate, holistic practitioner, personal trainer, or a health & wellness blogger — my mission is to help you attract and serve your people.

After over a decade in the legal field as a litigation paralegal, I found myself burnt out, both professionally and mentally. I learned firsthand the importance of prioritizing physical and mental health, particularly for those of us also struggling with depression and anxiety.

It was only after I stumbled upon some truly inspirational podcasts that I let myself dream about what I wanted to do with my life.

After much soul-searching, I realized that what I wanted most in life was to help others like me get out of their own way and start living their lives the way they’ve always imagined. 

With this realization, I dove headfirst into learning everything I could about mindset and personal development. Thanks to incredible books and podcasts, I learned a fundamental truth

We have the power to transform our lives if we work to truly understand and manage our minds.

While I’m still a work in progress in this area, I’m grateful for the opportunities that exist just on the other side of this mindset work.

If these opportunities are open to me, they are open to anyone willing to put themselves out there and to keep going despite obstacles or adversity. 

I know how hopeless it feels to be permanently stuck in your own indecisiveness.

I know how it lonely it feels to believe that an amazing life is for everyone but you. 

I know how it crushing it feels to believe wholeheartedly in everyone else’s dreams but your own.

But I also know the feelings of renewed inspiration, determination, dedication, and resilience, and how those feelings can lead to one courageous action that can change the trajectory of an entire life. 

And that’s what led me to writing for professionals like you in the personal development and health & wellness space. 

The work you do in the world is vitally important. It changes lives

My goal is to help you connect with the people you want to serve by creating quality web content that speaks to their issues and motivates them to take action.

I want to help you spread your message and inspire others to overcome obstacles and limiting beliefs to make real and lasting changes in people’s lives.

If this sounds like something you need, I’d love to chat. 

You can e-mail me directly:

Or you can connect with me here: Instagram, TwitterLinkedIn

Thank you for the work you do. 

I can’t wait to hear from you.


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