Is procrastination keeping you from reaching your goals?

Do you have a goal or project you’ve been meaning to get to but keep putting off?

Are you overwhelmed by all you need to do?

An accountability partner can help you get on track and get things done.

Hi, my name is Kari. I provide one-on-one virtual support for people who want to recommit to their goals but need a temporary accountability partner to stay on track.

Maybe you made a New Year’s resolution to start exercising, but aren’t yet ready to join a gym.

Accountability solution: I offer 30-45-60 minute phone sessions 2-3 times a week so you can work out from home or take walks in the fresh air.

Maybe your home is overrun with clutter and you don’t know where to start.

Accountability solution: I offer hourly and half-day phone sessions to help you tackle problem areas and make progress quickly.

Maybe you’re overwhelmed by tasks of daily living (dishes, laundry, cooking, cleaning your house, etc.).

Accountability solution: I offer hourly phone sessions to help you tackle the hot spots and restore order & peace to your home (and your sanity).

Is something else causing you anxiety and stress? Maybe a long overdue project at work? A looming deadline for a term paper at school?

My mission is to help you start knocking out your obstacles, one by one, with encouragement and positive mindset, until you build momentum and feel empowered to move forward on your own. 

Life is too short to procrastinate one more day.
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a virtual accountability partner?

An accountability partner is someone who helps you stay committed to a goal or task. Typically, the goal or task is of such importance to you that you’re willing to step of outside your comfort zone to ask someone for help to ensure you achieve or accomplish it.

A virtual accountability partner is someone who provides that help by phone or video.

An ideal accountability partner is someone who knows your end goal and commits to supporting you while you work to accomplish that goal.

When do people typically seek out an accountability partner?

In my experience, there are two types of people who seek out accountability partners: those who want to accomplish a goal or task for personal or professional gain or development, and those who postpone or procrastinate on a goal or task and whose lives are then negatively impacted.

People in the first group are often very motivated and goal-oriented and simply want someone who understands their passion to keep them on track while pursuing their goal.

People in the second group often have issues with shame or guilt which can lead to hiding and avoidance behaviors and resulting inaction. They may go for long periods of time, sometimes years, living at the effect of procrastination. People in this group try to work on their goals or obstacles themselves, and while they may make some progress, they become overwhelmed and often retreat. Their inability to complete an important task or to accomplish an intensely desired goal often causes collateral damage, leading to heightened and prolonged anxiety, stress, depression, shame, self-judgment, and feelings of low self-worth.

People in this second group spend much time in shame believing they should be able to accomplish their goal or task on their own. Often, it’s when they realize how much hiding in shame has cost them that they decide to seek outside help. Once they’re ready to do what it takes, an accountability partner can help them get started and build momentum so they can finally move forward with their lives.

What kind of accountability partner are you?

I’m a nonjudgmental, objective, compassionate but tough accountability partner who knows first-hand the devastating effects of inaction and procrastination. I want to help lessen your pain and the collateral damage caused by avoidance behaviors. To borrow from Newton’s Laws of Physics:

1. An object at rest tends to stay at rest.

2. An object in motion tends to stay in motion.

Each session will be laser-focused on completing a set goal or task to fuel confidence and quickly build momentum.

Which type of client do you work with?

I’m very happy to work with anyone who has a goal and wants someone to hold them accountable, but my heart is with the people whose inaction has cost them happiness & hope in their lives.

What kind of goals do you help clients with?

Whether the goal is weight loss, fitness, decluttering years of accumulated belongings, completing an overdue project in a professional career, staying out of mind drama while launching a business, getting caught up with daily household chores such as laundry, cooking, washing dishes, etc., I help clients with any goal that’s causing them stress and unhappiness — that, if accomplished, would help alleviate anxiety and improve self-confidence and quality of life.

How do your virtual accountability sessions work?

Initial consultation

Just email me at (or complete the ‘Contact‘ form here) and tell me a little about what you’re struggling with at the moment and how you hope I might help. I’ll email you back to set up a free 15-minute phone consultation. During this consultation, we’ll talk about your needs. If I’m able to help, we’ll come up with a targeted plan to get you over your obstacles and schedule our first phone session.

Subsequent accountability sessions

I will call you at our scheduled appointment time. Depending on our agreement, I will stay on the phone with you during the entire session, providing you with support and guidance while you take the planned action. Each appointment is designed so that you will have taken one significant step toward your goal or task by the end of each session. The goal is that you leave each session with a sense of accomplishment, and motivated and empowered to keep going.

Example #1: If you’re looking to declutter your home, we’ll plan in advance one strategic area to tackle each session. I will call you at the scheduled time and stay on the phone with you during the entire session, guiding you and providing positive encouragement while you clear the designated space.

Example #2: If you have a fitness goal but aren’t ready to join a gym, we’ll schedule Walk & Talk sessions. I will call you at the scheduled time and stay on the phone with you while you either take a walk outside, walk on a treadmill or even walk in place at home. During this time, the level of engagement on the phone is up to you. Whatever your fitness challenge, we will work out a solution to get you started until you feel empowered to continue working out on your own.

My accountability sessions are tailored to your goals and needs, with a few exceptions (see below). I work with your personality and your goals.

Things my virtual accountability sessions do not include:

I am not a certified life coach or licensed therapist. If you think you may need help with your mental health, please give yourself the gift of seeking professional help. There’s no need to suffer. Help is available.

I am not a nutritionist or personal fitness trainer.

I do not offer accountability related to parenting, dating or relationships.

How much does it cost to work with you?

During our initial phone conference, we will agree upon a fee (based on the hourly rates below).

The fee must be paid in advance prior to each session. Monthly retainers are available.

Walk & Talk sessions: $15 for 30 minute session / $25 for hour long session

Decluttering sessions:

Small areas: $25/hour with one hour minimum (NOTE: to get the most impact from each session, I will encourage you to pick one area or space per session to completely declutter. Since emotion is often tied to our clutter, plan on decluttering sessions lasting a minimum of 2 hours, depending on the size of the space. Final price will be set during our initial phone consultation.)

Entire rooms: rate on a case-by-case basis, depending on size of room

Career or Professional accountability sessions: $25/hour with one hour minimum

Custom accountability sessions: rate on a case-by-case basis

The journey is the reward.

It’s important to keep in mind that it’s not the goals or the tasks themselves that’s causing us to suffer. It’s our thoughts about them and what we make them mean. If we make the accomplishing or not accomplishing mean something positive or negative about ourselves, chances are the actual accomplishment or achievement won’t resolve all our suffering. If we can learn to enjoy the process and take pride in setting goals and doing the hard work to accomplish them, that’s when the real transformation will take place.

Ready to start your transformation? Help is on the other side of the phone.

What clients are saying:

“I love the feeling of accomplishment.  That is what is different with you. You keep me going, using positive reinforcement. You keep me focused on the tasks. Without you on the phone, I would not have gotten them done.” 

– Decluttering Client

Are you ready to take action and reclaim your life?

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